Prayer & Care 

Prayer & Care

Where Faith Meets Connection: Empowering Prayers, Inspiring Unity.

Prayer and Pastoral Care intertwine in a powerful union. We believe in the profound impact of prayer, a sacred bond that connects us to each other and to the divine. Through prayer, we bring our hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows before God, finding solace, guidance, and healing in His presence, transcending time, space, and circumstance.
In our community, prayer is the cornerstone of pastoral care, nurturing a sense of unity and support. It serves as a universal language, uniting hearts and minds in shared communion with God. Together, we embrace the transformative journey of prayer, offering compassionate support and encouragement to one another, knowing that in God's embrace, we find strength for every trial and celebration. Join us as we uplift spirits, nurture souls, and experience the transformative power of prayer and pastoral care.

Ignite (in-person)

Join us EVERY first Saturday of the month for Ignite, our in-person corporate prayer gathering held on our campus. From 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, we come together as a community to lift up prayers for our world, our church, and our local community. Experience the power of collective prayer as we seek guidance and blessings from above. Your presence matters as we ignite hope, faith, and change through the power of prayer.

Ignite (call-line)

Can't make it in person? No problem! Join our Ignite Prayer Call Line every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:33 AM to 6:50 AM. Dial 862.799.9332 to join our live prayer session, where we focus our hearts and minds on the same intentions as our corporate prayer gatherings. Whether you're out of town or unable to attend in person, you can still be part of our prayer community and contribute to the spiritual growth and well-being of our world, church, and community.

Prayer Wall

Need prayers but can't join our gatherings? Visit our Prayer Wall, where you can freely post your personal prayer needs for yourself or others. Our dedicated prayer team commits to praying over these requests weekly, offering support and solace in times of need. You have the option to submit your prayer anonymously, but witnessing the prayers of others creates a sense of unity and solidarity within our community. Together, we stand strong, knowing that we are all in need and seeking guidance from God.

Pastoral Care Request 

In support to those in need. Our ministers are available to offer care, guidance, and prayer for all received requests. You and your family are not alone; we're here to support you every step of the way.